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The Guided PATH to Food Freedom is an immersive, 12-week group coaching program for individuals who want to reclaim their life from dieting and food obsession and instead build body trust free from diet culture.


Groups will meet virtually every week via Zoom.

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You might be feeling...

  • You don't even know how to eat if you're not following a set of rules
  • You've found yourself signing up for whatever new diet program is marketed to you, feeling like this one is going to be the one that sticks.
  • The idea of listening to your body feels like "letting yourself go" - you can't imagine that your body can be trusted
  • You've lived your entire life thinking that you need to be losing weight. Food has never not been about weight loss for you.

If it's not a new detox tea, it's a weight loss shake, a protein bar, some super restrictive meal plan...


It's no wonder people everywhere fall into the trap that diet culture is constantly perpetuating. If you feel even slightly insecure about your body, it's easy to buy into the bold promises these diet companies make.

You’re manipulated into thinking about your body negatively through slick marketing campaigns and social media influencers. Everywhere you turn, there is a cacophony of people telling you to both love your body and change it - you’re not even sure how you’re supposed to feel - you just know that you don’t feel good.

You buy into diet culture because it sells you freedom, but it only makes things worse. Diets that are so restrictive and unsustainable that it’s only a matter of time before you end up binging or heading towards eating disorder territory…

Our complete, step-by-step guide at your fingertips

You will unpack, redefine and live out a life aligned with your values and internal cues instead of diet culture's toxic tips - complete with video tutorials, downloads, and reflection prompts for between group meetings.

Be supported in a private community

You are not alone! Our Guided PATH comes with access to our supportive and private community - for you to connect with others, share struggles, wins, and celebrate progress as it happens. Plus our RDs will be checking in with you along the way.

We'll meet every week to walk through each step of the journey.

Groups are small so you will feel supported and also have space to process your struggles and confusions with our compassionate and experienced RDs.



This isn’t just another diet that’s going to leave you high and dry or gaslight you into thinking that you’re the reason it didn’t work. The principles of intuitive eating are designed to be applied to whatever life you want to live. You don’t have to shape shift or “lifestyle change” your way into a new set of rigid rules and restrictions in order to find happiness.

You’ve already spent enough time, energy and money on diets that haven’t worked. 

It’s time to invest in something that will pay itself back over and over again each time you’re able to listen and respond to your body’s internal cues, enjoy food again and make memories that truly matter to you.

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