Hello, I'm Ryann Hilton.

After meeting with adolescents, adults, and families over the years and learning about their experiences, I learned that the process of working from food fears to food freedom can be confusing and that this confusion can be a barrier to true healing. I became passionate about creating a warm and guiding space where you feel seen, heard, understood and supported.

My hope for you at NourishRX is that you will reconnect to your body and trust in your healing journey, so you can stop putting your life on hold and instead, pursue the things you love to do alongside the people you love to be with.

My Story


As a mom to three daughters, I recognize the struggle because I have also lived it - recalling my own food and body image questions and concerns as a teenager, and now as a parent to a teenager trying to navigate her own social circles deeply entrenched in diet culture, and as a mom to two little ones. Trying to juggle work and family life is a lot to manage and when you add an eating disorder to the mix, it can feel like you might be losing a piece of you trying to work through it all. I get it!

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Set Point Theory: What it Is and How To Know if You're At It

The subject of weight often brings up a lot of feelings, opinions, fears and anxiety. Our thin-obsessed, fat-phobic, weight normative culture places so much pressure on people to micromanage their body size through, oftentimes, extreme and unsustainable means. More often than not, this fixation on being a certain weight or having a certain body type stems from the desire to be accepted by others, fears of inadequacy, or concerns over how others may perceive us.

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5 C's of Meal Time for Caregivers

When your child is in recovery from an eating disorder, meals can be an incredibly stressful time for you, your child, and the whole family.   That's why we are here to talk about the 5 C's of meal times for caregivers to help ease some of that stress and anxiety. 

First, let’s set the scene. It’s time for dinner. You just finished preparing a stir fry. The whole family sits down and prepares for the meal ahead. Your child knows they need to finish their meal, but seem to be playing with their food. You start to nudge them to try to eat, but they say they’re not hungry. You start to panic.

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Joyful Movement: Making Peace with Exercise

Often when we exercise we find ourselves only focusing on external cues such as calories burned, heart rate, pace, and distance.

We allow these external factors or cues to dictate our workout: how hard we push ourselves, how long we exercise for, how far we end up going, etc.

While these external cues may be beneficial in some capacity, such as training for an event, overly focusing on these cues may interfere with our ability to connect with our working muscles before, during, and after exercise.

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