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For Parents & Caregivers

Jumpstart Recovery

A getting started course for Parents and Caregivers who are new to eating disorder treatment. 

This is the course that every parent who is new to eating disorder treatment needs to have! 

We'll cover: 

  • Eating Disorder Signs & Symptoms
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Treatment support options
  • Setting meal time expectations 
  • Understanding nutrition needs
  • Navigating social eating situations
  • Maintaining Motivation 


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For Intuitive Eating

The NourishRX PATH for Intuitive Eating

The PATH is a membership and community platform that guides you through the work of applying the principles of intuitive eating, learning how to tune into and trust your body, and cultivating a positive and peaceful relationship with food you can take with you for the rest of your life.

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Flexible Meal Planning Course

Implement intuitive principles into meal planning so that you can create flexible meal plans that excite you and explore food freedom and flexibility all while helping you reconnect with your body.

What You Get:

* 67-page ebook download with worksheets, activities and recipes, videos to walk you through the steps and strategies, links to additional resources

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The Guided Path to Food Freedom

Our fully immersive, guided 12-week journey through the principles of intuitive eating, built to help you learn, grow and heal your relationship with food and your body for good.
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For Eating Disorder Recovery

The NourishRX PATH for Eating Disorder Recovery

Our powerful avenue to healing - a membership platform providing on demand support and guidance through the entire recovery process so you can calm your fears and work more efficiently towards a peaceful relationship with food and your body.

Unlimited access to the NourishRX library of downloads, worksheets, reflection prompts & more. A private and supportive community.

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1:1 Coaching and Counseling